Available courses

PRE-ORDER NOW: VueJS 3 Certification (https://git-academy.com/VueJS3)

VueJS Basics for Beginners with no experience in VueJS. Students will receive a Certificate of completion for VueJS Junior.

This course will show you how to set up a VueJS Development Environment on your Machine.

Within the Dev Env, we will go through the basic inner-workings of VueJS Framework.

Finally we will apply our knowledge a real world example.

In the post Covid-19 Era, every company, university and school need their own Moodle installation. Be it for on-boarding new employees, teaching students or giving homework assignments. We need an efficient way to share our knowledge. We also need a set of tools (like grading, group work, video course, etc.) to support us. All of this should ideally run on a hardware and software that is reliable. This Online Course will introduce you to basics of DevOps skills that are needed to implement the main goal of the course: Setup of Moodle with Docker.

This Course introduces Material & Knowledge that is required to pass the AWS Certification "Solutions Architect Associate".

With the help of the Express.JS Library we are creating a REST API. We store our data in a NoSQL Database - MongoDB. We'll learn how to use libraries like Express.JS & Mongoose. We'll also learn to install & use MongoDB.

MLOps is a breed of Machine Learning and DevOps. The most popular framework in this niche is the MLFlow Framework. Do you need to create trackable, reproducible and scalable Machine Learning Applications? This Online Course willl teach you MLflow from scratch. Pre-Order Course - still in development.

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning with Python. This courses assumes basic skills in python. We'll use Tensorflow, Keras & PyTorch as our Computing Frameworks for RL Tasks. The Python Package "gym" will be used for creating and interacting with virtual environments.

Einführung in das Learning Management System "Moodle".