Available courses

This Course introduces Material & Knowledge that is required to pass the AWS Certification "Solutions Architect Associate".

PRE-ORDER NOW: VueJS 3 Certification (https://git-academy.com/VueJS3)

VueJS Basics for Beginners with no experience in VueJS. Students will receive a Certificate of completion for VueJS Junior.

This course will show you how to set up a VueJS Development Environment on your Machine.

Within the Dev Env, we will go through the basic inner-workings of VueJS Framework.

Finally we will apply our knowledge a real world example.

In the post Covid-19 Era, every company, university and school need their own Moodle installation. Be it for on-boarding new employees, teaching students or giving homework assignments. We need an efficient way to share our knowledge. We also need a set of tools (like grading, group work, video course, etc.) to support us. All of this should ideally run on a hardware and software that is reliable. This Online Course will introduce you to basics of DevOps skills that are needed to implement the main goal of the course: Setup of Moodle with Docker.

With the help of the Express.JS Library we are creating a REST API. We store our data in a NoSQL Database - MongoDB. We'll learn how to use libraries like Express.JS & Mongoose. We'll also learn to install & use MongoDB.

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning with Python. This courses assumes basic skills in python. We'll use Tensorflow, Keras & PyTorch as our Computing Frameworks for RL Tasks. The Python Package "gym" will be used for creating and interacting with virtual environments.

Einführung in das Learning Management System "Moodle".